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The Wonder and Majesty of God's Festivals and Holy Days in E-Book  


God's Holy Days, as first taught in

the Old Testament,

are subjects that have gone

largely overlooked

for many years.






  Get ready to be inspired!        

  Every one

of these



to Jesus.



  • Gain an understanding into the plan of God working out in precise detail, from beginning to end.
  • Understanding the rich symbolism and the past, present and future aspects of God's Holy Days.
  • Suggestions for honoring God's Holy Days in the 21st century.

The Wonder and Majesty of God's Festivals and Holy Days The Amazing Typologies of Yeshua from the Old Testamemt

Discover our Hebrew Roots Interesting and inspiring writings focusing on the history of Israel

Jesus, as Foretold in the Old Testament shows amazing typologies and representations of Jesus from the Old Testament.

  • Old Testament patriarchs foreshadoweed Jesus. The tabernacle, sacrificial system and Holy Days point staight to Him.

  • Get ready to enjoy the many prophesies of Jesus.

Hebrew Roots Web Pages - Discover our Hebrew Roots A fine collection of  writings discussing the Roots of Believers in Jesus/Yeshua - Free


Our first offering is the book by Thomas Thorne, The Wonder and Majesty of God's Festivals and Holy Days. Learn about the past, present and future aspects to each of the feast days. Marvel at the outstanding plan of God and see its fulfillment taking place before your very eyes. Begin to know God and Jesus better by partaking in appointments that were made many years ago. Gain a deeper understanding into the interesting Hebrew calendar with a clearly described and easy to understand explanation.

Jesus, as Foretold in the Old Testament demonstrates without question that the Bible, though comprised of both the Old Testament and the New Testament, is one book with two main events; the first and second coming of Jesus.

Included in the "Discover our Hebrew Roots" page are several books and writings by leading writers and teachers on the subject at fine prices. There are also many Hebrew items as well that make nice keepsakes and practical items to have.

And the last section is writings and articles related to Hebrew Roots. Enjoy the many little known, but exciting and interesting facts about the history of the chosen nation. All articles here are free of charge, royalty free and not copy protected. 

We hope that our web page will help individuals to have a great appreciation for the Old Testament, the Bible, God's servants and Jesus.

Shalom ve Baruch Ha Shem.

Peace and Praise God






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