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Heroes of the Bible
Maybe; Well, Something Like That


Heroes of the Bible, Maybe; Well, Something Like That


Heroes of the Bible is a fun and exciting game that will provide lots of laughs and maybe some learning as well.  The game is played with two teams and a moderator (judge).  The moderator will ask questions of the teams in a specific  fashion.  Points will be awarded and the team with the most points at the end is the winner.

The process is as follows.  Teams are first decided upon in any manner desired by the group.  Men against ladies is a common format.  The moderator will ask one of the questions to Team A first.  If team A knows the correct answer they receive 5 points.  If team A doesn’t know the correct answer they can  either “guess”  at the answer or “pass.”  If the “guess” is incorrect no points are deducted.  If Team B knows the answer they can providel it and receive 5 points.

If Team B does not know the answer the moderator will provide a “hint” (point a. under the questions below).  If Team B knows the correct answer after 1 hint they receive 4 points.  If they do not know the answer they can “guess” or “pass.”  If a “guess” is incorrect after a hint has been given one point is deducted from the score.  If a team “passes” no points are deducted. 

If Team B guesses incorrect or passes, the question goes back to Team A with a second hint.  Proceed in the manner until all hints are exhausted or the correct answer is provided.

Correct answer with 0 hints = 5 points,  1 hint = 4 points, 2 hints = 3 points, 3 hints = 2 points, 4 or 5 hints = 1 point

Incorrect Answer with 0 hints = 0 points deducted.  Any additional incorrect answer takes 1 point away from the score.  If a team “passes,” no points are deducted.


Before the game starts each team should select a captain.  It is advised that this captain provide the answers and no one else does so that the other team doesn’t “accidentally” hear your conversation.

Before a team answers a question, they need to huddle up together and discuss their answer.  Teams may only give 1 answer per hint, the first answer, no matter who it comes from is final.

Moderator’s (judge’s) decisions are final.

There are some hints you need to be aware of:   Watch for 1. similarities in name, 2. synonyms, 3. antonyms, 4. rhyming words, 5. parts of names, etc.


Have fun!

1.   Who was the OT crooner that praised God in ancient Israel? 

a.  It wasn’t Perry Como 
b.  It wasn’t Frank Sinatra
c.  It wasn’t Sammy Davis Jr. 
He was about 120 years old when he composed his famous song.

Moses  Exod. 32

2.  One of the most unusual speaker’s in the Bible.

a.   Don’t even think about it, it wasn’t Jack.  
A horse is a horse, of course, of course; but I am not related to Mr. Ed. 
My owner’s name resembles a Pagan God.

Balaam’s donkey  Num. 20:22-29 

3. Who were the two kings of Israel that had the most to do with the splitting of Israel into two nations?

a.  It wasn’t the Pharaoh.
b.  It was a father-son team.
c. They were both from the tribe of Judah.

 Solomon and Rehaboam

4.  Who was the 13th disciple/apostle?

a.  A lot was cast between me and Barnabas.
The lot didn’t fall in favor of Barnabas.
I am almost a namesake of the first book of the NT.

 Matthias  Acts 1:12


5,  Who was the shortest man mentioned in the Bible?

a.  Some people call me Bill.
To my knowledge, he was not addicted to illegal drugs.
c.  A
one-time friend of Job. 

Bildad the Shuhite  - Job 8:1


6.  Who was the important official in charge of the treasure of Queen Candice?

a.  I have a sore mid-section
I am of one of the first Gentiles to be baptized
I am from Ethiopia  

Ethiopian Eunuch (Acts 8:26)


7.  My wife's grandmother was named after one of the great women of the Bible.

a.  My Aunt had the same name
Her husband was a gentleman
c.  Miss Bell had the same first name.  (Bell Graham)
Tell the truth my friends



8.  Who was the son of Jair?

a.  One of the heroes that was responsible for saving the Israelites.
Of the tribe of Benjamin.
c.  I had an attractive little niece that lived in Susa
d.  Some say I tend to mortify people

 Mordecai   Esther 2:5


9.  I was a famous idol maker.

a.  I was from the land of Ur.
b.  I was not mentioned often in the Bible.
c.  According to Jewish tradition my son met up with the “Tower  of Babel” man.
According to tradition one time while I was away, my son smashed nearly my entire shop into pieces.
My son was known as the “Father  of the Faithful” 

Terah – Gen.  11:27


10.  An infamous western outlaw was named after me.

a.  I was 16 generations back from Jesus.
I had many sons
I lived in about 1020 B.C.
The man said, “my name is James Mason”



11.  I was a short dude, man.

a.  I like to climb trees
I am famous for breaking in the roofs of houses.
Believe it or not, I was a tax collector too.
I met Jesus in person.



12.  The first and the last, in New Testament terms

a.  The aleph and the tav
b.  The beginning and the end
c.  I
don’t mean a and z 

The alpha and the omega – Rev 22:13


13.  I sort of dressed like a hippie type at one time

a.  I wore a leather belt
My diet was an inspiration for John Denver
I was second cousin of Jesus

John the Baptist


15.  I like fish.

a.  It looks like my neck is the color of many southern men

a.  I like to swim upstream
19 generations back from Jesus
Father of Boaz



16.   Edgar Allen Poe nearly wrote about this person

a.  Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary,
Tell me what thy name is on the Night's Plutonian shore!'
Quoth the raven, `Nevermore.'
The birds were black

The raven and Elijah 1 Kings 17:6


17.  This is the tale of a castaway,

a.  He was there for what some would call a long time
b.  H
e had to make the best of things, no matter what body of water he found himself in
It was an uphill climb
d.  No one needs any more clues on this one.




18.  For a nickname, they called him flipper

a.  That didn’t really make much sense though
b.  H
e didn’t get his fame for catching or training fish
Fish seemed to like him more than he did them
He got tossed out and ended up in a land that he despised
That spitting is a nasty habit



20.  Joseph’s father Israel had the same name as one of Joseph, Jesus ‘ step-fathers kin.

a.  He wasn’t a kid named Joe.
Or a kid named Jay
He was an adult in fact
It wasn’t Israel either



21.  I was a tanner

a  .His hang-out was in the thriving metropolis of Joppa
I was not the son of Zebbede
One of the apostles had the same name as me
I was not Simon Peter


Simon  - Acts 9:43, Luke 5:10

22.   I married a woman of ill-repute

a.  My wife’s name was similar to the loyal servant of Sergeant Carter.
His son  name, Jezreel, means God scatters
My name ain’t Joe dude, or Jose for that matter either



23.  The first month in the Hebrew Biblical calendar

a.  The word, in Hebrew, means, “their flight”
It is not an American mde car.
It is not a Honda
Or a Toyota
e.  It is the name of a Japanese brand though



24.  I am  not the son of a preacher man but I am the son of a king.

a.  Archery was my forte
My pop was pretty big
My friend went on to be the greatest king of Israel 

Jonathon – I Sam 14:1


25.  We all know that Mike Madding likes to water ski.  I bet he never skied in this body of water.

a.  They call me a Sea, but I think that’s using the term very loosely.
It goes back to necks of the men in the life group once again.
1 of 2 bodies of water that parted for the Israelites.

Red Sea


26.  This lady was a kind soul.

a.  You don’t want to confuse her with Magilla Gorilla’s favorite fruit
I have no idea how tall, short, obese or slim she was
The mother of the gentleman knick-named  “Sam the Man”
Or should I say, Samuel 

Hanna  - 1 Sam.  1


27.  Can you name 4 countries that border this land.

a.  Big hint:  There are at least 4 countries that border me.
The primary language of my people has changed over the last several years.
I am a special land.
Another hint, Libya is not a correct answer.


Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, West Bank


28.  I go by the moniker “Jerusalem of the Aegean Sea.”

a.  I am part of Greece but lie closer to Turkey.
My islands famous message is quite revealing
Amy is going to be mad if no one gets this one, this was her question.
I was involved in quite a revelation

Isle of Patmos


29.  This word mean “Praise Yah (God.”

a.  Hebrew word used by Christians
“Baruch HaShem” is close, but no cigar.
Part of many Christian songs



30.  The power of prayer can extend a person’ s life

a.  I was a king of Judah
I liked to dig streams of water
c.  Ruled around 700 B.C.
Key number is 15


31.  One of the seldom mentioned people in the latter part of the book of Numbers

a.  It’s awful rainy outside.
It’s a good thing my namesake liked animals
I am a kin of Zelophehad
I never touched either ark, but when you hear of an ark you think of my name

Noah – Num. 36:11


32.  That is a big one!

a.  Sardonyx, chalcedony and chrysoprase are  a part of me
 Measuring rod of gold
12,000 stadia
12 gates and 12 pearls

New Jerusalem










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