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A Fun Feast of Tabernacles Activity

A Unique and Fun Feast of Tabernacles Activity

Do I Know You?

This past year (2010) my wife Amy and I had a group of people over for a dinner and celebration during the Feast of Tabernacles.  The dinnertime conversation often remains upbeat as everyone is happy to be eating, that is as long as the food is good.  Amy being an excellent cook, I don't have to worry about that.  Unfortunately, many times when a large group like this is gathered, the after dinner conversation can turn into a gripe session about all of the problems in the world.  

This being the Feast of Tabernacles, the great celebration of joy, the time when Jesus announced his purpose to mankind (John 7:37-39), the feast that looks forward to Jesus reign on earth, a time for celebration!  I did not want to have our conversation dig into the mud regardless of what crazy things were happening on that day.  As my wife and I were brainstorming a method to keep that from happening we thought up a game that we would play after dinner.  

The rules to this game are simple.  I ask a question and whoever wants can answer.  The less the leaders of the gathering do and say the better.  The objective is to get everybody talking and telling stories.  There are no prizes to this game other than the good feelings that everybody left with.   

The game goes like this.  Either my wife or I ask one of several questions and let the people answer.  These questions are designed to bring laughter, joy, happiness and inspiration.  It worked extremely well at our house and I feel it can do the same for others.  Here are some of the questions that we asked. 

1.  Did any of you have a unique experience in meeting your spouse? 

2.  Were there any unique experiences during the birth of any of your children?

3.  What was one of your most fun vacation experiences and why?

4.  What was one of your most rewarding experiences on the job?

5.  Discuss one of the most beneficial and inspiring sermon messages you have ever heard.

6.  Has anyone had a unique restaurant experience?

7.  What was one of the most rewarding and inspiring movies that you have watched?

8.  Can you describe the most beautiful spot you have ever visited?

9.  What is the greatest vacation you have never had – what is your dream vacation?

10. Is there a place in the United States (or your home state, or outside of the United States) that you would recommend people visit and why?

11. Is there a unique experience you had growing up that you would like to share?

12. Was there a time of God's intervention in your life or a "guardian angel" experience that you can tell us about?

13. Is there a class you would recommend that everyone take?

14. The expression "a picture tells 1,000 words" is very true.  Is there a picture that you've seen and admired that holds true to this expression? 

15.  What was the most unusualk happening during the Feast of Tabernacles that you can remember (keep it positive)?

16.  Has there been any single lines that you have heard or sermon messages that you can reemember that were inspiring?

17.  Who is your favorite Bible character (besides Jesus) and why?

18.  Do you have any stories of freinds that have helped in your relationship with Yeshua?


Some of the responses we got to this were hilarious, some were touching.  Many showed the hand of God at work.  In answering question two, one father ended up delivering his first daughter and his second daughter was born in his car!  What a wild story he had to tell.  Everyone was laughing and thankful that both of his daughters are absolutely fine, over twenty years later. 

We did not even get to ask all of the questions.  As one person would answer a second or third or fourth would give their answer to the same question.  You may want to try something like this at your next "get-together".  You can probably even think up better questions.  These were just thrown together in about thirty minutes without a great amount of thought.  Our goal was accomplished.  We kept the conversation on the positive side.  We kept a happy, cheerful and praiseworthy attitude; and we had a lot of fun.



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