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Elements of the O.T.

Elements of the Old Testament


The Hebrew Bible is known as the Old Testament by the majority of Christianity.  In this article we will take a look at the Hebrew name for this portion of scripture.

            What is known as the Old Testament is called the Tanakh in Hebrew, or the Hebrew Bible.  The word Tanakh comes from the three types of writings that are included.  In the Hebrew alphabet there are no vowels, so the word Tanakh is actually made up of three letters with sounds, the T, N and K. 

  • The first letter, "T" stands for Torah (Toe-Rah).  The first five books of the Bible, the writings of Moses.
  • The second letter, "N" stands for Neviim (Nev-i-eem).  This word in Hebrew means "prophets".  Examples of the prophets include the major and minor prophets.
  • The third letter, "K" stands for Ketuvim (Ket-oo-veem).  In Hebrew this word means "writings".  Examples of the writings include the Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Job.

            There we have it.  The Tanakh (TNK) is the Hebrew name for the Hebrew Bible or the Old Testament.  It is comprised of three parts; the law, the prophets and the writings.

            And, in case you were wondering, the Hebrew name for the New Testament is the "Brit Chadasha" (Breet Had-asha).


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