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Alef and Tav
The Plan of Redemption Predicted far in Advance

Jesus said "I am the Alpha and the Omega".  In Hebrew he would have said "I am the Alef and the Tav".


The Hebrew alphabet is quite amazing.  It consists of twenty-two letters that are all consonants.  A combination of dots and dashes placed either above or beneath the individual letters give further indication of how the words sound. 

The original form of the Hebrew alphabet, called the Proto-Canaanite, consisted of word pictures.  The first Hebrew letter is alef and the last letter is tav.  The word picture for alef is the head of an ox and the word picture for tav is a cross or a plus sign. 

Below is an image of the Hebrew alphabet.  Notice that it is read from right to left, so the first letter (alef) would be in the top right-hand hand corner and the last letter (tav) would be in the lower left. 



These two letters reveal an early metaphor of God's plan of redemption.  The Israelites made animal sacrifices to atone for sins and they had to do it over and over again.  This was the beginning of the redemptive plan.  At the end is the cross.  Jesus died on the cross.  The cross represents Jesus' sacrifice for all of mankind so that sins can be forgiven forever. In Revelation 22:13 Jesus said "I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End."  In Hebrew Jesus would have said "I am the alef and the tav …".  God's plan of redemption was predicted long before Jesus birth. 

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