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Hebrew Roots of Christianity

Learn about Christianity's Hebrew Roots

Our goal on this page is to provide interesting and informative articles from the both the Old and New Testament, especially as they relate to our Hebraic roots. 

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1. Chronology of the Kings of Israel and Judah 10/01/10
2. Kingdoms during the time of Israel and Judah  10/02/10
3. The Land of Purple  11/02/10
4. The Fall of Israel, the Rise of the Samaritans  10/15/10
5. Bethlehem, Land of Royalty 10/20/10
6. The Timing from Abraham to the Exodus 12/18/10


God's Feast Days
1. There is More to the Day of Atonement than Just Fasting  10/05/10
2. A Simple Feast of Tabernacles Message  10/08/10
3. Rosh Hashanah - Yom Teruah - A New Year! 10/04/10
4. A Fun Feast of Tabernacles Activity 10/25/10


The Tanakh and the Brit Chadasha
1. Coming to God and Jesus in Old Testament and New Testament Times 10/21/10
2. Elements of the Old Testament 11/02/10
3. The Wonderful Hebrew Alphabet, The Alef and the Tav, the Plan of Redemption 11/04/10
4.  Looking at the Law from a Different Perspective 11/05/10


Hebrew Expressions
1. Some Useful and Common Holy Day Expressions in Hebrew  11/07/10


The Hebrew Calendar
1. How Many Days per Year are there in the Gregorian Calendar?  11/10/10
2. Introduction to the Hebrew Calendar 11/10/10
3. Reconciling the Number of Days Between the Hebrew and Gregorian Calendars 11/25/10
4. The Hebrew Calendar (Part 3) 12/17/10 *New*



Roots of Christianity Ministries is dedicated to inform, inspire, uplift and build faith in the lives of brothers and sisters in Christ as they see the plan of God unfolding from the beginning to the end.


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