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The Old Testament Points Straight to Yeshua
The Amazing Revelation of Yeshua in the Tanakh

Hebrew Roots

Our goal on this page is to provide interesting and informative articles from both the Old and New Testament, especially as they relate to our Hebraic roots.
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 The historic land of Israel  Israel, it's Land and it's Heroes   God's appointments with us  The Wonder and Majesty of God's Holy Days 
 Chronology of the Kings of Israel and Judah   Rosh Hashanah - The Feast of Trumpets - A New Year! 
 Kingdoms During the Time of Israel and Judah   There is More to the Day of Atonement than Just Fasting 
 The Fall of Israel, the Rise of the Samaritans   A Simple Feast of Tabernacles Message 
 Bethlehem, Land of Royalty   A Fun Feast of Tabernacles Activity 
 Israel, the Land of Purple   Some Common Holy Days Expressions in Hebrew 
 The Timing from Abraham to the Exodus   Feasts and Convocations
   Joseph and the Economy    Pentecost, The Forgotten Holy Day
 Joseph and Jesus  
 The Legend of Abraham's Father  Types and Symbols
 The Blessing of Perez, Who was Perez?

The Mystery of the Talit Notes   ystery oM MysMystery ofThe TheThee

  The Hebrew Modified Lunar Calendar made Easy The Hebrew Calendar
 How Many Days are there in a Year on the Gregorian Calendar? 
Introduction to the Hebrew Calendar (Part 1)
Reconciling the Number of days between the Gregorian and Hebrew Calendars (Part 2)
How Accurate is the Hebrew Calendar
The Tanakh is comprised of the Torah, the Mediim, and the Ketuvim The Tanakh and the Brit Chadasha
 Elements of the Old Testament
 Jesus offered the bread of life  The Wonderful Hebrew Alphabet, the Alef and the Tav
 Repentance, More Than Just Being Sorry
Guest Author, Pastor Sumit Sen


 Outrageously Fun Feast of Tabernacles Games to Play!
 Let's Get to Know One Another
 Heroes of the BIble, Well, Maybe, or Something Like That


Roots of Christianity Ministries is dedicated to inform, inspire, uplift and build faith in the lives of brothers and sisters in Yeshua as they see the plan of God unfolding from the beginning to the end.


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